EC Technology 18000mAh External Battery Pack- Thinnest high capacity battery pack for your phone

EC Technology 18000mAh External Battery Pack

Our smartphones might be smarter than some of us, but they’re certainly not as energy efficient. This is where portable chargers come in extremely handy. Every smartphone, tablet and other USB-connected device needs a power backup on the go and this is where and this 18,000mAh External Battery Pack from EC Technology emanates advantage. What makes … Read more

inCharge is a pocketable charging cable for your phone

Sometimes, the answer to some of our problems are so simple, that we’re left to wonder how  did someone not come up with the solution before. inCharge from brothers Carlo and Lorenzo is one such solution to having a charging cable for your smartphone at hand. We’ve all been through situations where our phone is breathing its … Read more

BlackBerry Offers iPhone Users $550 to Trade

BlackBerry is aggressively trying to win back the market by offering iPhone users $550 to trade. BlackBerry is offering Apple customers up to $550 if they trade their iPhone for the new BlackBerry Passport. The trade in amount depends on the quality and model of the iPhone however, the iPhone 6 could fetch users $400 … Read more

6 of the Most Secure Messaging Apps

Despite the app market being saturated with Messaging apps, only six of them have been deemed secure by the Electronic Frontier Foundation. The EFF examined 39 of the most popular messaging apps including Apple, Google Facebook, Microsoft, BlackBerry and Yahoo. During their examination, the company looked at the following features: Is data encrypted in transit? … Read more

BlackBerry Releases Newest Flagship Phone

BlackBerry have just released their newest flagship smartphone, Passport. Passport is BlackBerry’s latest smartphone and in order to separate it from the pack, the new phone is square, allowing for greater screen visibility. It also comes with the company’s signature QWERTY keyboard. BlackBerry have struggled in recent years to keep up with the emerging trends … Read more

Disrupt SF Hackathon Has Begun

This year the Disrupt SF Hackathon has moved to Pier 48, which is a new bigger home for the Hackathon. Team have exactly 24 hours to build cool products and prototypes, which they will then present the following morning. There are a variety of prizes up for grabs and judges will be rating all the … Read more