Disrupt SF Hackathon Has Begun

This year the Disrupt SF Hackathon has moved to Pier 48, which is a new bigger home for the Hackathon.

Team have exactly 24 hours to build cool products and prototypes, which they will then present the following morning.

There are a variety of prizes up for grabs and judges will be rating all the presentations, where the top 75 get tickets to Disrupt itself.

People have come in from very far away, as far as Berlin to compete in this year’s Disrupt Hackathon.

The ultimate goal of many hopeful programmers is to build something that gets mainstream attention and lands them either an incredible job or funding to start their own company.

At the time of this writing there is still time remaining but it will soon be over.

Recently Disrupt NY’s winner was celebrating his win, Disrupt has hackathon’s at more than just one location nationwide, and has been going on for numerous years.

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