Sony Hackers Turn on Employees with Threatening Emails

The hackers that were responsible for releasing data from Sony Pictures have also sent threatening emails to employees. “We thought the worst was over,” stated a source at Sony however, it appears that the hackers, who have identified themselves as Guardians of Peace (GOP) have turned on the employees. According to Sony, emails were sent … Read more

Sony’s Fes Watch Made Entirely of E-Paper

Sony has developed an experimental watched made entirely from e-paper as part of an initiative to trial different materials for fashion products. Dubbed the Fes Watch, the design has a minimalist and monochrome design and has been described as both “retro” and “cool.” While the design is state of the art the features are not, … Read more

T-Mobile Doubles its Music Freedom Program

T-Mobile has just announced that they are doubling the services offered on their Music Freedom program.¬† The Music Freedom program allows customers to access a wide variety of music apps without it counting towards their data cap. Previously the Music Freedom services included the top music apps, Pandora, iTunes Radio, iHeartRadio, Spotify, Slacker and Rhapsody. … Read more