Cyber Thieves Hack YouTube FIFA Gamers

FIFA 16 hack

Cyber thieves have been able to hack six of the most successful FIFA gamers featuring on YouTube. A group of hackers stole millions of FIFA coins and in game currency while also deleting some valuable players in their team. FIFA 17 release date is believed to be somewhere in September 2016 this year. Survey’s believe … Read more

ScreenStick is an ultra sensitive joystick to play games on smartphones and iPad

In the last few years, games available for our consumption on mobiles and tablets have evolved by leaps and bounds, but their input mechanism has pretty much remained the same and ultimately their Achilles’ Heel. Sure, there are plenty of Bluetooth controllers available in the market that have made lives easier for the gamers, but … Read more

Wii U Finally Profitable for Nintendo

Nintendo has just announced that Wii U sales have pushed past 7 million. Wii U sales have been up in the last six months making the gaming console profitable for Nintendo for the first time in four years. Sales had been struggling mainly due to competition from Sony’s Playstation 4 and Microsofts Xbox One console … Read more

Microsoft Wants Minecraft for $2 Billion

Microsoft is apparently in advanced talks to purchase the popular game and app, Minecraft for more than $2 billion. After turning down Google’s offer of $1 billion just a few years ago, the Swedish based gaming company, Mojang are apparently in talks with Microsoft. Sources are citing that Microsoft is willing to offer Mojang $2 … Read more

Playstation Back Online After DDos Attack

Sony’s Playstation and entertainment network is now back online after a denial of service (DDoS) attack. While the company has stated that they have seen “no evidence of any intrusion” into their network, the DDos attack crashed the system by sending large amounts of data to the service provider. Because Sony has no control over … Read more

Microsoft Reports $400M Loss from Xbox One

Microsoft has reported a 400 million loss on their latest gaming console, Xbox One. Microsofts Xbox has definitely struggled to keep up with Sony’s Playstation 4, the company’s main competitor, but now reports are in that the company has faced huge losses over the console. The report highlights that Microsoft spent $2.1 billion on manufacturing … Read more