Microsoft Launches its First Ever Laptop

Microsoft Unveils its first laptop

Microsoft has unveiled its very first laptop named the Surface Book. The Surface pro has a detachable screen with a 13.5- inch display, a backlit keyboard, a glass trackpad and a machined magnesium body. The first laptop by Microsoft runs on Intel Core Processor and an Nvidia GPU with GDDR5 memory. Microsoft considers it the … Read more

Clip Art is Now Just a Distant Memory

Microsoft has officially decided to pull the plug on Clip Art and is embracing Bing Images instead. Most Millennial’s will remember adorning their school projects and word documents with Microsoft’s Clip Art images but now it appears that they will no longer be part of the Office software. “The Clip Art and image library … Read more

Microsoft Word Number One App for iOS

Just 24 hours after announcing that Microsoft was making their Office Suite free, Word for iOS climbed to the number one spot at the app store. Word is now ahead of Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, YouTube and Google Docs. A pretty impressive feat for Microsoft who have struggled to return to their former glory days. … Read more

Microsoft Makes Office Free for iPads

Microsoft has just announced that ┬áiOS customers can download mobile Office Suites for free. Microsoft has been feeling mighty generous these days. First they announced that subscribers to the Office 365 productivity suite would receive OneDrive cloud storage for free and now they are offering Office on mobile devices for free as well. iOS iPad … Read more