Ridge Stand by Bitemyapple for Macbook Air/Pro and iPad

Either you work in coffee shops, from home, at the office or you’re always on the go, a good portable laptop/tablet stand can mean a lot for your ergonomic working posture and your health. The Ridge Stand is a stand for MacBook, iPad or iPhone designed to help organize workspace, reduce the clutter, and make … Read more

ScreenStick is an ultra sensitive joystick to play games on smartphones and iPad

In the last few years, games available for our consumption on mobiles and tablets have evolved by leaps and bounds, but their input mechanism has pretty much remained the same and ultimately their Achilles’ Heel. Sure, there are plenty of Bluetooth controllers available in the market that have made lives easier for the gamers, but … Read more

Ten One Design’s Mountie makes having dual screen setup using Mac and iPad more convenient

mountie for dual display setup using your ipad and macbook

As people find more ways to make their iPad productive, developers and third party manufacturers are creating more options to help them do so. One such device is Ten One Design’s Mountie, which has been named after the Royal Canadian Mounted Police of Canada. Mountie is in essence a simple clip that can attach an … Read more