Coolnvintage Land Rover Defender

One should not underestimate the importance of walking the black road and holding the course. This is an excellent example of the pictures of the new Coolnvintage Land Rover Defender because it is black with black on. And that’s pretty cool. There is also a Series 3 from 1979, and Coolnvintage would like to sell … Read more

Darth Vader Toaster

Whenever you have to roast the bread, you might as well slug a little Star Wars lir on the slices in the process, and it will manage a Darth Vader Toaster . So your bread may not be as valuable as the insane slices where there has been unconsciously a mark of Jesus or another … Read more

iOhouse Space

Some homes have garden gnomes in their yards. Others have a James Turrell Skyspace. The Arrowhead House happens to have the latter. Built in the desert neighborhood of The Ridges, the dwelling is wrapped around a central courtyard housing the contemporary art piece. The structure itself complements the installation with its own set of clean … Read more

Makr Shakr Nino Robotic Bartender

Add “bartender” to the list of professions in danger of succumbing to our robotic overlords. The Nino Robotic Bartender is the latest version of Makr Shakr’s proven Bionic Bar. Thanks to a cache of up to 170 different bottles it can create nearly any libation imaginable, using a pair of robotic arms — one to … Read more

Urwerk Ur-105 Kryptonite Watch

Named for its bright green SuperLuminova numerals and indications, the Urwerk Ur-105 Kryptonite Watch is all about contrast. Its 39.5mm octagonal case is crafted from matte black AlTiN-coated titanium, creating a dramatic look, and has a catch on the top you need to slide to reveal the wandering hour mechanism. Twin pneumatic turbines on the … Read more

AEV Recruit Ram 1500 Conversion Kit

American Expedition Vehicles has been making parts and conversion kits for Jeeps since 1997. Now they’re increasing their full-size truck lineup with the Recruit, a slightly lighter-duty conversion than their Prospector series for the Ram 1500. Designed to keep the on-road ride comfortable while increasing the offroad capability, the Recruit starts with AEV’s 4″ lift … Read more

iMagnet Car Mount is the most convenient phone mount for your vehicle

imagnet car mount 2

One of the biggest gripes with the current phone mounts available for vehicles is that they’re rather inconvenient to use. The clip based mounts are clunky and it’s often difficult to place or remove your smartphone. However, the iMagnet Car Mount does away with those age old mechanisms and instead uses suction and magnetism to hold the phone in place. … Read more

Amazon Begins Restaurant Delivery Service

Amazon has launched a new restaurant delivery service in order to compete with sites like Grubhub and Eat24. Amazon’s takeout and delivery service was turned on over the weekend without much fan-fare on the Amazon local app. Presently, the service is only available in Seattle but it  includes around 20 restaurants in the area for … Read more

Amazon Leads the Way for Cyber Monday

Shoppers all across America are turning to Amazon for their holiday shopping needs as the company reports a huge boost in sales this weekend. Amazon has announced that sales of their Fire tablets are up by three times as much as compared to last year and their Kindle e-readers are up by four times as … Read more