ADIFF Transforming Tent Jacket

Transform your clothing based on your needs with ADIFF’s highly functional Tent Jacket. Stylish and practical, weather-resistant, yet totally breathable, this tri-season jacket offers more than what meets the eye. The Tent Jacket instantly shape-shifts into a tent and back again in just moments. Originally designed for refugees who are constantly on the move to … Read moreADIFF Transforming Tent Jacket

TUWAN Smart Anti-Snore Pillow Pad

Comfortably stop snoring with the TUWAN Smart Anti-Snore Pillow Pad. This patented non-intrusive and effective gadget lets you and your loved one enjoy quiet sleep while using your favorite pillow. Free of mouth guards, nose clips or earplugs, TUWAN detects snores without requiring you to wear anything on your face. Simply place the TUWAN pillow … Read moreTUWAN Smart Anti-Snore Pillow Pad

Dojo – The Ultimate Internet Security Device

Make sure your family safely uses the Internet with Dojo, the ultimate internet security device. Dojo provides a layer between your devices and the network to protect you from any threats or risks to your security and even privacy. Because it’s super smart and sophisticated, Dojo learns your internet patterns to better determine a threat … Read moreDojo – The Ultimate Internet Security Device

Xiaomi Amazfit Bip Sports Smartwatch

Monitor your activities with the Xiaomi Amazfit Bip Sports Smartwatch. Featuring a real-time activity tracker, the Amazfit Bip smartwatch offers accurate heart rate monitoring, pace tracking, location detection and more. The smartwatch also comes with a notification reminder, preventing you from missing any calls or messages. When you receive a notification on your phone, the … Read moreXiaomi Amazfit Bip Sports Smartwatch

Don’t Buy an iPhone 6 / 6s Case before Reading this Ultimate iPhone Case Buying Guide

Buying Guide - iPhone Case

iPhone case buying guide  Since the first iPhone hit stores on June 29 2007, the world has been utterly enamoured with the intuitive technology. Apple has now emerged as an institution in the palms of hands across the globe. To date the brand has flogged an estimated 500 million of the smartphones, with the release … Read moreDon’t Buy an iPhone 6 / 6s Case before Reading this Ultimate iPhone Case Buying Guide

Top 5 Best iPhone 6S Cases in 2016 from More Case

Top 5 Best iPhone 6s Cases from More UK

Best iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus Cases from More UK The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are already well strengthened compare to its predecessor iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, but you will still need to take protection side of things in your own hand if you want the ultimate protection for your expensive gadget. Apple’s … Read moreTop 5 Best iPhone 6S Cases in 2016 from More Case

iPhone 7 Rumours: Will Intel inside be inside iPhone 7?

Latest iPhone 7 rumours state that, Intel has a team consisting of 1000+ employees working on Apple’s iPhone 7 modem, set to release in 2016, and this could win over a deal between both tech giants ending in a partnership for Apple’s next iPhone, the iPhone 7, that could well put Intel on the market it really … Read moreiPhone 7 Rumours: Will Intel inside be inside iPhone 7?