Memo Box Reminds You to Take Your Pills

memo box

Do you often forget to take your pills? Well with Memo Box this could be a thing of the past.

Two Cambridge University students are looking to crowd fund $48,000 in order to develop Memo Box, a sophisticated pill box that keeps a log of your pills.

The pill box links up to the users smartphone to monitor usage and what time the box was opened. It uses this data to learn and predict when a user has forgotten or missed a dose. The user is then reminded with an alert.

Co-founder, Meichen Lu states that this method is much more effective than just an average reminder as it is more intelligent and can also be synced and shared onto other devices so family members can also stay in the loop.

Currently, and seeing as the box is just in the initial stages, Lu recommends “usage for dietary supplements only” however as the technology becomes more advanced, and more funding is raised, the box could be used with more confidence.

Memo Box also includes a button on the exterior which when pressed down can reveal the next set of pills the user is scheduled to take.

If the first round of funding exceeds expectations, Memo Box also hopes to make a bigger pill box that can also house inhalers and insulin pens.

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