Mac Security Update: OS X Operating system could have bugs


Previously Apple has released security patches through its regular software update but its their first automatic security update for Mac computers.

Researches have warned against new bugs and Bill Evans from Apple has said that the latest bugs were so critical and they needed to get customers protected with their new seamless update which does not even require a restart.

The Mac Bugs mentioned by Homeland Security and  Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute identified many Tech companies whose products may be effected and Apple was one of them.

The vulnerability targets a component of its OS X operating system called the network time protocol (NTP) which is used for synchronizing clocks on computer systems.

The protocol is a global method of synchronizing time over a network and has previously been exploited by hackers.

Apple developed technology for automatically pushing out security updates two years ago but has never previously used it.

The firm said that it did not know of any cases where hackers had exploited the bug.

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