Yahoo Security Breach But No Data Stolen

Yahoo have announced that three of their computer servers have been breached by hackers who exploited the Shellshock security hole. Despite the breach in security, Yahoo has assured users that no data has been compromised and that they have already rectified the situation. “As soon as we became aware of the issue, we began patching … Read more

Yahoo to Add Encryption Service to Emails

Yahoo is planning to launch an encryption service for all of their email users by 2015. After Edward Snowden leaked information that revealed the NSA and other government agencies were monitoring emails, tech companies have come under pressure to provide a more secure service. In order to meet these consumer demands, Yahoo is now planning … Read more

Yahoo and Yelp Team Up

In order to boost search engine traffic, Yahoo has reached out to Yelp, the popular consumer review website.  Ratings and excerpts from Yelp reviews have now started to appear on Yahoo search results and while the deal between the two companies was kept private, sources claim that it was finalized last month. Yahoo is hoping … Read more

Yahoo Makes Users Sign up for Yahoo ID

Yahoo is changing the rules by making users have a Yahoo ID if they want to access their services.  Currently, users have been able to access Yahoo’s services such as Flickr by using their Facebook or Google log in credentials. Now however, the search engine is making all users have their own Yahoo ID. The … Read more

Leaked Documents Reveal British Spy Agency Collected Nude Images From Users Private Video Chats

British spies at GCHQ have been caught red handed, storing images of nude photographs from millions of Yahoo Messenger webcams and Xbox’s kinect camera.  Th UK intelligence agency, GCHQ started browsing camera feeds back in 2008 and in just one six month period 1.8 million pictures were taken and stored on government servers however 11 … Read more

Yahoo and Yelp Team Up

Yahoo has teamed up with Yelp to help them improve on their search results. Yelp’s listings and reviews will be incorporated onto Yahoo’s search engine results and is set to be available in the next few weeks. This new move by Yahoo is a promising one as CEO, Marissa Mayer aims to move Yahoo into … Read more