Yahoo to Add Encryption Service to Emails


Yahoo is planning to launch an encryption service for all of their email users by 2015.

After Edward Snowden leaked information that revealed the NSA and other government agencies were monitoring emails, tech companies have come under pressure to provide a more secure service.

In order to meet these consumer demands, Yahoo is now planning on offering an encryption service by 2015 through a browser plug-in.

Yahoo is not the only email company offering this service. Just a few months ago, Google also announced that it would be offering a more secure email service through a browser plug-in as well.

According to Alex Stamos, who is Yahoo’s CSO, two people with either Yahoo’s own or Googles plug-in enabled will be able to send and receive encrypted messages.

As we become more and more reliant on the internet, this type of technology is definitely set to become the norm.

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