Apple’s Top App of 2014 is…..

Apple’s choice for the best app of 2014 is Elevate, a brain strengthening app. Elevate was designed to help improve users memory, thinking skills, problem solving capabilities and more. It has been downloaded more than 5 million times and Apple has single handedly chosen the app as one of the best for 2014. Of course, … Read more

Instacart to be Valued at $2 Billion

The Instacart app is hoping to raise another $100 million which will put increase its value to around $2 billion. If you have walked into a grocery shop recently you may have noticed a flyer for Instacart- a home delivery grocery service which promises to take the hassle out of doing your weekly food shop. … Read more

Twitter to Monitor the Apps on your Phone

The Twitter app on your phone will soon be able to detect what other apps you have installed in order to target you with appropriate ads. A new update of the Twitter app will be rolled out on Wednesday for iOS, and the following week for Android and will include the new app detection software. … Read more

Nothing to Wear? The Strut App Can Help

Nothing to wear? Why not scroll through Strut for some inspiration? Strut, a new clothing and fashion app has just hit the app store after raising $1.5 million in funding earlier this year. The app allows users to scroll through different fashion and outfit ideas for inspiration and to help users discover apparel that they … Read more

Parenthoods: The Social Network App for Parents

Parenthoods, a social network targeted exclusively for parents has just received $1.32 million in funding. San-Francisco based startup, Parenthoods has just raised an initial $1.32 million to help create a mobile social network for parents. The intention behind the app is to connect millennial parents who like to use Instagram and Facebook, with other parents … Read more