What Song Is This? Top 10 Mobile And Web Apps to Identify Songs

In the last decade technology has completely changed our lives and you don’t need to look any further than the music industry to see how technology has shifted and shaped the way we listen, share and discover music, bands and artists.

Prior to the time of smartphones, it was almost impossible to find a song without knowing the name of the song or the artist. This would probably require you to writing down a few lyrics to Google and before computers; you’d probably never ever hear that song again in your life.

These days, a plenty of applications can help you find any tune that hovers into your ear. Audio recognition apps help you identify songs, TV shows, music and movies playing around you.

They likewise let you share your favorite music with your friends. If you ever find yourself in the situation asking yourself, what song is this? I don’t remember the lyrics, the apps listed below will help you out.

Listed below are the top 10 mobile and web apps/software that might help you find some unknown music or songs:

1. Shazam (Free up to a limit)

Shazam app logo

Shazam likely needs little introduction, this app is the undoubted king among the audio recognition apps. In a nutshell, it holds a huge record and identifies almost all songs– it could be on the TV, radio, in a shop, anyplace – and gives you the name of the song and artist. It then links you through Amazon, YouTube, Rdio, Spotify and iTunes, to buy or listen to the songs. Shazam also shows the artist’s biography and discography.

The free version offers you limited functionality of recording and identifying 5 songs a month compared to the full $4.99 per month version.It can be downloaded on your BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Android, and Nokia phones. It also saves your tag if you don’t have any internet connection while recording the song on Shazam, and identifies it as soon as your phone has internet access.

Download: Google Play | App Store | Mac | Windows Phone | Windows PC Desktop

2. SoundHound (Free)

Another great app for both the iPhone and android, SoundHound usually comes enabled on new phones already. If you have a song that is stuck in your brain you keep humming but just can’t find out the name of the song, because the lyrics are a little fuzzy.

You can hum the melody, sing a few words you do remember, and the app will identify the song for you in an instant. You can share your result on Facebook and twitter and other social media apps accordingly and save your tags for the future.

The SoundHound is similar to Shazam, however when compared SoundHound Vs Shazam, Some people find SoundHound to be more accurate and quicker in results as compared to Shazam. However, your humming or lyrics have to be precise for Sound Hound to display the result.

Once you tag a song, the app provides you with the lyrics of the song, giving a more karaoke feel, so you sing along with the song, whilst displaying the album of the artist.

Download: Google Play | App Store | Windows 8 Phone | BlackBerry

3. Hound (Free)

The hound, is a subtler version of Soundcloud, it is a music searching tool which skips the part where you type, or tap, instead it gives you information in the much popular “Siri Style”.

Hound gives you the opportunity to say the name of the song you’re looking for, or the name of the artist and instantly the app gives you their biographies, top songs, tour dates etc. The app also goes on to show their Facebook updates, latest tweets and any major social media activity, also shows you similar artists so you can discover more songs to your liking.

Download: Google Play | App Store

4. MusiXmatch (Free)

MusiXmatch logo

MusiXmatch is the go to app for lyrics recognition, with a database so huge, you can accurately find exactly which song you’re looking for, by just typing in the lyrics. The app lets you tag and save lyrics, browse them offline, and share them with your friends.

The app enables you to not only find song names, but also lets you sing along to your favorite songs by providing lyrics, while listening to the songs as the app is compatible with almost all third party players.

Download: Google Play | App Store | Windows Phone | Windows PC

5. Spotsearch (Free)

Spotsearch music app logo

Spotsearch is deeply incorporated with Spotify, the most popular online music app, therefore the name. The app directly links your search result to Spotify so you can listen to the song right there and then.

Spotsearch lets you type in lyrics so it can identify the song you are looking for. However, if you have the regular Spotify as opposed to the Spotify Premium, the app will link you to the YouTube version of the song.

Download: Google Play | App Store

6. WatZatSong

whatzatsong logo

One of the most creative apps that help you when the computer fails to recognize your inquiry, by using WatZatSong, you can simply ask another individual who would provide you with the result. In simple terms, WatZatSong is basically  ‘What’s that song’ a site, where you have the chance to upload an mp3 file of the song, be it a loosely recorded mp3 or a well recorded song. The members on that website then suggest the name of the song, and questions are virtually answered.

Members of the website can be given more details regarding the song posted by giving more substantial details, like the language in which the song is sung, the music genre, the year it was released, etc. WatZatSong lets you cross post your request on other media outlets, such as Twitter, Facebook, so more people may be engaged to answer.

Visit Website: WatZatSong

7. Midomi

Midomi logo

Midomi is a very organized site with a unique search engine that can listen to song/tune from any source (you or speakers) and suggest you name of that song. Midomi develops the most comprehensive database of searchable music through its huge group of music lovers and contributors.

Midomi lets you search the song by singing, humming, or even whistling the music and connect with a community that shares your musical interests. Hooked up your microphone to your computer and click on the icon that says “Click and Sing or Hum” and give your best shot at humming or singing the melody of the song. When you are finished, just click “Done”, Midomi will come up with the song suggestion list.

It is amazing!

Visit Website: Midomi

8. Musipedia

As the name of the site suggests it is a melody search engine. Musipedia gives you the best search results to find your favorite song even if you can’t place it by name. The online features available on the website to find the song like; using your mouse to draw notes, whistling a tune into the mic; using the keyboard to tap the rhythm of the song, or simply use old-fashioned text search.

The huge collection of tunes, songs, and musical themes are editable for the contributors that help the site to build-up the database.

Visit Website: Musipedia

9. Tunatic

Rather than as a web-based service Tunatic is free downloadable software for PCs and Macs that needs Internet connection to access the database to find the song. With a simple, thumbnail-size interface; you only need to click and use your mic with the tune you want to be identified. Tunatic shows interesting results within seconds, along with the artist details that were not quite correct.

Despite that, it’s worth mentioning that you can know more about the song on top of a Tunatic result that opens a web page with links to buy the track.

Visit Website: Tunatic

10. FolkTuneFinder

FolkTuneFinder is the best search engine for folk tunes where you can search songs and discover new favorites. The website has collections of thousands of tunes from across the web. You find tunes by the title or a piece of the melody. It is easy to navigate, and has an easy player to learn by ear or listen to how the tune sounds.

It helps exceptionally well, whether you can or can’t read sheet music.

Visit Website: FolkTuneFinder

Final Verdict

Overall, in mobile apps Shazam & SoundHound and in Web apps Midomi earns the title due to their speed, reliability, massive record, and social media sharing options. The other apps trailed farther behind, with Lyrics coming in a distant fourth and slow performance barely finishing the race.

All rankings aside, if you’re searching for a free application to identify any song with the help of its lyrics or by recording your own voice or with the help of its music, there’s no need to limit your choices since these two apps have free counterparts (SoundHound, Shazam) that offer nearly all the same features as their paid siblings.

So, regardless of your budget, check out one of these music ID/lyrics mobile and web apps and you ‘ll never find yourself struggling to remember the name of that song by that guy—you finally have a better way to guess what song is this, the tune of which you’ve been humming all day!

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