Security Flaw in PowerPoint Allows Hackers to Gain Control


A security flaw has been found in Microsofts’ PowerPoint after hackers exploited the service to gain control of computer systems.

A security advisor on Microsofts website stated that so far the attacks have been limited however, those who have been affected have lost control of their computers completely.

With control of your computer, hackers can execute code remotely, alter and delete data, install programs and malware.

For the hackers to have access, users have to open the corrupted file which is most often downloaded from the web. Currently, Microsoft are warning people to not download any Power point presentations at this time.

This new weakness in the Powerpoint software is now forcing Microsoft to look into their other Office suite programs, however the company has not commented on whether any other software is infected.

Microsoft is apparently working on a safety patch update which should be released in the coming weeks.

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