Stay In Touch with Friends Using the DingDong App


Competing with SnapChat, the DingDong app may be the latest hit in photo messaging.

This latest app allows you to take a picture by “ringing” a doorbell-like button. It then, “DingDongs” the message to the person you’re sending it to, who you would like to stay in touch with. From there, the app shows a map and draws a line connecting your two locations. How sweet, right?

The app is very personal and private. That means there are can be no feedback from other people outside the message through Facebook. It works similar to text messaging, in regards to privacy. No one can follow you, and there is no risk of conversations being made public.

DingDong comes at a great time. The public has been becoming increasingly tired of sharing their information for all eyes to see. More importantly, this app was developed carefully in order for it to be user-friendly. It is a very simple app and should not cause much confusion.

As it becomes more popular, it is very likely to expect updated features, such as in-app sales for sounds and emotions.

The company bringing you this app is based in Berlin and will be first offering it on iOS beta. But Android owners have no need to fret. An Android version is already in the makes.

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