New Rithm App Used For Music Messaging


Rithm is the latest app from MavenSay that is a Snapchat for music.

The creator of MavenSay, an app that allows you to recommend music to your friends and family, realized the next step should be around music messaging.

The new app, Rithm, is a similar idea as Snapchat. Like Snapchat, users are unable to send a message unless sending music along with it. Users of this music app are expected to have fun and be creative thinking of a “rithm” for each message.

Unlike Snapchat, there will not be an auto-destroy after 10-seconds.

How do you find this new app? Rithm is able to be downloaded through the Apple App Store. API’s from Spotify, iTunes, Rdai, Sound Cloud will then help Rithm users find any song they are interested in pulling up. From there, once you have decided on a song, add a personal touch with a picture, video, or even draw on your picture like the popular Snapchat feature.

Send it to a friend and leave a message at the bottom.

Currently, MavenSay is operated by investment funds and is so far not profitable. With the addition of Rithm, Mike Wagman – the founder of MavenSay, ┬áis hoping this will be the next best step and a great opportunity.

Rithm isn’t only to be used to simply send music, but makes users really think outside the box to form audio and visual content together.

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