Apple Improves Maps

iphone map

After breaking away from Google, Apple buys HopStop and Locationary to improve mapping tools.

Apple Inc. has confirmed their plans in order to advance mobile operating systems on iPhones and iPads. Until last year, Apple had used Google as it’s mapping service. Their breakup had proved to be a disappointment among their users, as maps would sometimes give incorrect directions as well as misplacing well known landmarks. In fact, Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, even apologized and told users to use Google’s maps until they developed better tools.

Last year, Google released a new mapping app for iPhone’s and it instantly became a top downloaded program.

HopStop is a New York based navigation tool that gives directions to major transit systems, walking and biking routes. It is known for producing directions for more than 140 cities in the US, as well as six other countries.

Locationary is a Toronto-base technology set to advance search and navigation results for iPhone apps. It’s primary function is to analyze data in order to publish more specific maps. They also promise to raise performances in advertising and commerce.

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