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Gmail Encrypts All Emails to Block Out NSA

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Google is taking a stand by blocking the NSA from reading Gmail messages. Google is among one of the first companies to improve its encryption services …


Bill Gates Thinks Snowden is no Hero for Leaking NSA Documents

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Edward Snowden, a former NSA employee who became famous for leaking documents that revealed how much of our online content was being monitored is no hero …


Tech Companies Work Together for More Transparency from the NSA

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Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft have all provided statistics on government requests for user data issued through National Security Letters and Foreign Intelligence Surveillance act …


Angry Birds Hacked After Reports Claim NSA is Spying on Players

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The Angry Birds website was hacked last night after news broke that the NSA was using the game to spy on people.  Documents were leaked that …

CompaniesNewsNSA Rally Against Mass Spying In Washington

Written by: Rally Against Mass Spying In Washington Ever since whistleblower Edward Snowden called out the NSA on mass spying, it’s been a major issue for many …