Rally Against Mass Spying In Washington

Screen Shot 2013-10-27 at 12.13.10 PM Rally Against Mass Spying In Washington

Ever since whistleblower Edward Snowden called out the NSA on mass spying, it’s been a major issue for many of Americans.

Today, thousands are gathered in front of the U.S. Capital protesting the mass spying that’s happening by the NSA in America.

The question is, if the protests and complaints do get a policy change, will it ever actually stop? Can American protect itself without spying? The answer is probably not.

Spying is an issue that’s very sensitive to people for obvious reasons, but the thing is, everyone is doing it. All countries are using spying in some capacity against foreign attacks, and their own citizens.

Up to this point it’s unclear if spying as effectively been used by the NSA in the capacity they are protesting regarding spying on emails, chat logs, you name it they are watching it.

Even something as basic as a Skype conversation is logged, monitored, and recorded. You are not the only one that can read your conversation along with the other party, someone, somewhere can see it. Is it fair?

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