Gmail Encrypts All Emails to Block Out NSA


Google is taking a stand by blocking the NSA from reading Gmail messages.

Google is among one of the first companies to improve its encryption services after whistleblower, Edward Snowden revealed that the NSA had access to more online information than originally suspected.

In order to protect users privacy, Google has announced that they are blocking the NSA from having any access to users Gmail accounts and companies like Yahoo are following suit.

In order to block the NSA from having access to Gmail, all outgoing and incoming messages are going to be encrypted and all information transferred between Gmail servers  and the data center will be kept private.

In order for the NSA to have access to emails, they will have to make a formal request with Google however, there has been no word on whether the customer would be notified that their emails are being observed.

While the move from Google is definitely a welcomed one, many remain skeptical whether their information is really being kept private or if this is just a short term strategy to keep customers using the service.

According to Googles head security engineer, Nicolas Lidzborski, protecting messages and customer privacy has been a top priority ever since Snowden leaked the documents.



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