Two Weeks Of iPhone Charging For $9.99

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Two Weeks Of iPhone Charging For $9.99

A device that fits in your hand is claiming to be able to charge your iPhone up to 14 days in a row, without plugging it in.

The best part about this. It only costs $9.99 for the hand sized charger.

You practically need a chemistry degree to understand the science behind this device, but let’s just say they combined a lot of cool ingredients to create energy and 55,000 milliwatts of power.

This is reportedly enough power to charge your iPhone once a day for 2 weeks.

As far as we know these will be “1 off” use devices that you don’t recharge, but just recycle.

Nectar, is the name of the company pioneering the “batteries”.

They are finalizing pricing and creating units and hopefully they will be available for consumer purchasing soon.

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