Apple App Ranking Algorithm Cracked

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Apple App Ranking Algorithm Cracked

According to sources, App developers have “cracked” the code in the Apple ranking algorithm.

Reportedly it takes somewhere around 4k downloads per day to rank in the top 10 on the apple app store in the paid category.

Presumably the free category would be a lot higher than the paid since there are tons of apps with more than 4k installs per day that aren’t in the top 10 chart.

Other factors are also part of the algorithm, but for obvious reasons, volume is a big factor in what ranks first on Apple’s app store.

In addition to ratings, they say there’s an “inertia” factor at play, which means that some stickiness applies to rankings, so that a dramatic increase or decrease in app downloads for one particular day won’t necessarily move you up or down in the rankings once you’re in the top 10. There also seems to be a bonus for brand new apps, which is eventually counteracted by the so-called “inertia” effect.

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