Apple Accepts Water Damaged iPhones For Trade In Program

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Apple Accepts Water Damaged iPhones For Trade In Program

Apple has decided to recently open up their trade in program to accept water damaged iPhones. Previously they did not accept water damaged iPhones amongst other problem conditions that they would not accept for trade in credits.

There are still some caveats to consider when trading in an iPhones:

This week’s changes to the program … will allow more customers to trade in their devices. However, the company isn’t going to start allowing seriously water-damaged phones for trade-in anytime soon. If there is evidence of liquid under the phone’s display or corrosion in the ports, the phone will still be ineligible for any trade-in value regardless of what the liquid contact indicator looks like.

There can also be as much as a $120 difference in trade in credit value of water damaged iPhones to the ones in perfect working order, says an Apple insider.

All iPhones are rigged with a water damaged external indicator that will show if the phone has been damaged by water.


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