Bitcoin Tops $600 In Increasing Climb

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Bitcoin Tops $600 In Increasing Climb

The concept behidn Bitcoin is so interesting, considering the limited number of Bitcoins in existence. It kind of resembles Gold where there is only so much of it, and not a lot more of it forming every year. In fact, it maybe theoretically impossible to create more Bitcoins, although there are some variations of Bitcoins that could make a climb.

Bitcoins years ago could be mined pretty easily if you had enough horsepower behind your cluster of computers mining them. Nowadays, it’s virtually impossible to mine a Bitcoin.

The value has gone up and up over years, with some celebrity investors getting into Bitcoins and them making the news time and time again.

Recently Bitcoins hit an all time high of over $700 for a single Bitcoin on the open market. It’s unclear how the value will change in the future but for the guys that got in early and got them under $100 the profit margins are going to prove to be very high.

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