$10 Billion spent at the App Store in 2013

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Apple has run the numbers and it turns out that customers spent a whopping $10 billion in the App Store in 2013.

Among the most popular App purchases including Minecraft, Angry Birds Star Wars and the Sleep Cycle alarm clock.

December was the most popular month of the year with consumers spending $1 Billion.

These numbers have broken a record for the tech giant, making it the best year to date on app spending.

The App Store was first launched in 2008 with a measly 500 apps which were available to download. Now, the App store has over 1 million apps which are compatible across iPads, iPhones and iPods.

iOS developers have also profited from the App store, earning more than $15 billion since 2008 however Apple takes 30% of app sales from it’s store.

Last year, Apple announced that over 20 billion apps had been downloaded from their store but did not release a figure of spending. They did however announce that developers had been paid out close to $7 billion by the end of the year.

This huge jump in 2013 could have have been due to the 225,000 new apps that were launched or the increasing number of people purchasing smartphones.

Fro 2014, analysts have estimated that the Google Play and the App store could come head to head as competition between iOS and Android becomes fierce.


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