YouTube Announces New Crowd Funding App for Content Creators


YouTube has plans to release a new app for content creators  that will help them have access to new features including crowdsourcing options.

YouTube has just begun rolling out a series of training videos to help YouTube content creators use the app to better manage their videos.

The app is set to include a crowd funding feature which will allow viewers to directly pay the content creators to help keep the videos active.

“I’ve seen how creators have tapped into that to get funds from their fans, contributions and things to go off and make even more amazing things, but the problem is a lot of this funding happens off YouTube. So I’ve been thinking about how we can do this directly on YouTube, allowing fans to fund the creators that they really love,” stated Jehan Ratnatunga, product manager at YouTube.

The move by YouTube was designed to allow content creators to have more revenue stream opportunities and to compete with other sites out there .

The new features also include subtitle capabilities, helping to reach out to a wider audience. Currently around 80% of YouTube users live outside the US.


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