Zuckasaurus The Blue Dinosaur Reminds Facebook Users to Update their Privacy Settings

blue dino facebook

What’s with the blue dinosaur popping up on your Facebook feed? It is Zuckerberg’s way of reminding you to make your profile more private and more secure.

Dubbed Zuckasaurus, after CEO Mark Zuckerberg, this friendly blue dinosaur icon has been popping up on Facebook feeds to remind users to check their privacy settings.

Facebook has already used the friendly dino to remind those who have their status set to “public updates” and will soon be posting the feature to more news feeds.

Facebook has decided to take some new approaches to security and Zuckasaurus seems to be one of the ways in which the company is attempting this.

“We think this is taking our responsibility seriously to make sure people have control over who they are sharing with,” Zuckerberg stated. “Over time, we think that is going to serve everyone who is using Facebook better and help us achieve our long-term goals.”

Many Facebook users have been increasingly irritated with the lack of security and the complicated terms and conditions surrounding privacy but, it seems that the social media giant wants to restore customer confidence again.

After numerous reports were leaked earlier in the year over internet privacy and that many companies were collecting consumer data in order to increase advertising revenues, tech companies like Facebook have been forced to act to keep users and investors happy.

The new privacy update reminders are set to roll out across all Facebook feeds by the end of the month.

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