What Is The Most Popular Smartphone?

what is the most popular smartphone?

A UK-based research firm Enders Analysis recently conducted a study on the smartphone market.

If you look at profits, there are only two companies that make a significant amount of money, Samsung and Apple.

Google’s Android platform is increasingly dominant in the marketplace. The Android OS is taking a close second place in the ever growing market.

“To put this another way, looking at ‘smartphone share’ or ‘profit share’ or ‘platform share’ all tell you something about the industry, but all three metrics mislead you if you try to treat them as a way to see who’s ‘winning’, because ‘winning’ means different things for Apple, Samsung or Google,” Enders Analysis says.

Whether you are after the most popular smartphone or you just want to know what is the most popular smartphone, it’s clear that Apple and Samsung are probably the first place to look.

It’s pretty clear from the chart who is losing the race. Everyone else. How would anyone else compete with Apple or Samsung in today’s market and actually get a competitive marketshare? Monopoly? Nope. There are already two companies doing really well. If that was just one company, then maybe there would be issues.

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