Is This Kickstarter Project The Future Of Blogging


An open source blogging platform known as Ghost hopes to shift up the personal blogging space.

Ghost, an open source personal blogging platform, is nearing the end of it’s Kickstarter journey.

Ghost launched about a month ago on Kickstarter with an initial goal of 25,000 pounds to help build a new web platform dedicated to blogging. They have raised 150,000 pounds to date ($226,000 in U.S. dollars) and has a shot at hitting 250,000 pounds as a stretch goal.

So what is it about Ghost that has worked so well to attract the money of users, developers and writers?

Customization. Concept. New platform. Eco-system. Not for profit.

That sums it up best. The concept is off the chart in terms of flexibility and customization, the eco-system is self sustainable and its a not for profit organization putting it together.



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