Warner Brothers Developing Story About Makers Of Moonwalk Spacesuit


Warner Brothers are developing the story about the makers of the moonwalk spacesuit.

Spacesuit will be a film from up and coming writer Richard Cordiner, says Warner Borthers.

The film will be based around the book by Nicholas de Monchaux of the same name. It will show how bra and girdle manufacturers from Playex created the first spacesuit which made possible for astronauts to land on the moon successfully in 1969.

It’s possible the story may be unfolding like The Social Network as it shows seemingly unqualified people, including a car mechanic, former TV repairman and their crew of spirited seamstresses, that may or may not be aerospace geniuses.

The story has gotten a lot more attention since Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong could not have walked on the moon without the suits. There are always untold stories of heroes behind the scenes as well.

Cordiner is a new writer, but his script The Shark is Not Working, about the making of Jaws, made the Black List, and that got him a script deal at Warner Bros. Stay tuned.

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