Virgin Galactic Accepts Bitcoins For Space Travel

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Virgin Galactic Accepts Bitcoins For Space Travel

Bitcoins are becoming more and more popular, as the value went up over $700 even Virgin Galactic is now accepting them as payment.

A flight will set you back $250,000, or 329 bitcoins at Friday’s price of $759.

Bitcoins are becoming a more popular currency and more legitimate organizations are taking them as payment.

Virgin’s embrace of the bitcoin comes just after a university in announced that it would also take the currency for tuition payments. Online travel firm CheapAir is also taking bitcoins starting this week.

More and more companies will begin adapting Bitcoins. Virgin could be a good starting point to get other companies on board. The proof is in the pudding and now that these major organizations are using them could seriously prove to expand the acceptance of Bitcoin.

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