The Video Game Tournament Worth $10 Million

If I told you that there was a video game tournament making winners into Millionaires, would you believe me?

That’s true. There are 5 gamers that just won themselves over $10.5 million after a gaming tournament.

It actually isn’t unheard of to make a living off of video games, there are professional “gamers” that make a living or supplemental income doing nothing other than playing games. These types of gamers usually fall into an elitist category, as you might expect, to ensure that they are at the top of the gaming food chain.

The International 4 is the name of the tournament that fans have been contributing towards the prize pool of.

The game is based on Warcraft 3 and is called Dota 2.

Generally speaking $50,000 is the uppermost limited for gaming prize pools, and then along with fan contributions to sweeten the pot.

In this tournament Valve contributed $1.6 million the prize pool, which is virtually unheard of.

The winners of the tournament are surely thrilled, and they will be netting a good $2M+ each before taxes based on the prize pool.

Competitors say that with the $10M prize pool, the competition was absolutely fierce. Teams of hungry gamers from around the world stopped at nothing to ensure that they were the winners. Now, that dream has come true for 5 hardcore gamers.


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