Control Your Contraception Using a Remote

contraception chip

We can control almost everything from our smartphones so why not contraception?

A new chip has been invented to give women the power to wirelessly control their own fertility.

Of course, the idea of having a wireless implant inserted into the body does create some security and safety concerns but the team at MIT, led by Bill Gates believes that the device could be a safe alternative.

The Gates Foundation has long been on a mission to come up with a form of contraception that people actually like to use and this chip could be a real possibility.

In fact, the Gates foundation have invested almost $5 million into the development of the chip.

The microchip is 0.8× inches deep and releases a birth control drug, levonorgestrel for up to 16 years. It can also be turned off or on using a remote control.

Despite the safety concerns of the chip, many are also concerned that the chip could be hacked, causing unwanted pregnancies, overdoses and even death.

The makers of the chip state however that the likelihood of someone hacking the chip is very rare and that they have many safeguards in place.

One of those safe guards is that the chip can only be operated by the remote control when it is pressed up against the skin. The battery in the chip is also not strong enough to release the drug all at one time.

The only way the chip could release all the drug at once was if it were hit by a bullet, however even then it would only release 180mg of the drug which is not enough to be fatal or cause serious side effects.

Each chip would also come with its own password so only those who had access to it could operate the remote.

Researchers hope that the chip can make its way to the market by 2018.

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