3D FingerReader Reads Text Aloud to the Visually Impaired

Finger Reader

Sometimes technology makes our life easier and sometimes it changes the world, and the latter is what this MIT device may be able to achieve.

The FingerReader is a 3D printed ring that fits onto the index finger and reads aloud words in real time as the finger follows the text.

Developed by researchers at MIT, they believe that this new device could help the blind and vision impaired read text without the use of braille.

“It is a tool for both visually impaired people that require help with accessing printed text, as well as an aid for language translation,” stated the FingerReader website.

It works by connecting to a laptop or mobile phone device and then allows users to read any text that is larger than 12 point font. The ring also vibrates to help users stay in a straight line while reading.

While the device is just a prototype, researchers are now hoping to attract investors and get the device made for the public.

“Down the road, we think it has the potential to assist not only visually impaired persons but also the elderly, children, language learners and tourists,” stated MIT.


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