Verizon Increases Upload Speeds for FiOS Customers


Verizon has announced that they are boosting FiOS upload speeds to match download speeds.

FiOS, which is the fastest internet service that Verizon provides is now on a mission to boost upload speeds.

The cheapest FiOS option will now deliver 15 megabits per second for upload speeds which is around 10 megabits faster.

On the most expensive FiOs option, upload speeds will be 500 megabits per second.

These changes will put the upload speed at exactly the same rate as the download speed.

“Faster upload speeds means better sharing experiences,” stated Mike Ritter, Verizon’s chief marketing officer for consumer and mass business. “All Internet sharing — whether videos, large photo files or gaming — starts with uploading.”

Current residential customers will be transitioned to these new speeds free of charge in the coming months with businesses to follow.

Verizon commented that uploads are becoming increasingly popular which is why they decided to increase their service.

While FiOS is one of the fastest internet services around, it wont be long before competition heats up as companies like Google work to install internet with speeds of 1 Gigabit per second.

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