Thousands of Snapchat Images Leaked through SnapSaved

snapchat ceo

Thousands of images and videos from Snapchat have been leaked from over 200,000 users.

Hackers threatened Snapchat that they were planning to release images and videos from the app and it appears that they followed through.

Snapchat is known for having it’s messages and videos instantly disappear once they are opened however, an independent service called Snapsaved, that saves Snapchat files is where the breach occurred.

SnapChat is assuring users that they have not been compromised and that the glitch is focussed around users who used the Snapsaved service.

The company issued a statement about apps like Snapsaved stating-“we vigilantly monitor the iTunes App Store and Google Play for illegal third party apps and have succeeded in getting dozens of these removed.”

Snapchat has been under fire recently from the Federal Trade Commission over claims that it was not honest with consumers over how long messages were visible to users. Although they have settled the claims, this new leak could definitely land them back in hot water.

Furthermore, a lot of the images that have been leaked are explicit and those caught looking at the images could face charges as minors could be involved.

Experts are now suggesting that the leak should be a “wake up call” to users that their messages are not really being destroyed.

“More clearly needs to be done to remind Snapchats millions of users – many of whom are teenagers- of the dangers of sending intimate images that may later leave them embarrassed if shared with unauthorized parties,” stated UK based computer security expert, Graham Cluley.

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