Open your Front Door with your Smartphone

august smartlock

The August Smart Lock is now on sale at Apple stores across the country.

What is an August Smart Lock you say?

This device has been a long time in the making and is a lock that is controlled not with a key or a pin code, but with your smartphone.

August was co-founded by Swiss designer, Yves Behar who aimed to design a smart lock that could open your front door using your smartphone.  The lock was supposed to be available last year however due to delays, it seems that the lock is just hitting stores now.

The lock comes with two features- EverLock and Auto-Unlock. The Everlock feature automatically locks a home door when the user leaves and auto-unlock can sense when a user is approaching and automatically unlocks the door without needing to take the phone out.

Smartlock works with Bluetooth however, this is expected to be updated as more gadgets are introduced.

August has also teamed up with Apple and is now also apparently working with Apple’s Homekit service which is promises to offer smart-home device connectivity.

To install the lock, August states that it will take no longer than 10 minutes. The lock itself uses four AA batteries which are expected to last one year.

The locks also come with a back up key incase the smartphone fails to work or is lost.

“August is an important step towards the invisible home interface, the way we come and go becomes a seamless process,” concluded Behar.

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