The Radioactive Element That Could Power The Planet

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The Radioactive Element That Could Power The Planet

“The radiation that we develop off of one of these things can be shielded by a single sheet off of aluminum foil,” A scientist said.” “You will get more radiation from one of those dental X-rays than this.”

This means that one day this stuff could power the world. We could harvest and use this to power everything.

Some believe that a thorium turbine could power the world with the size of a washing machine.

The thing is, Dr. Charles Stevens, the CEO of Laser Power Systems, told a website that thorium won’t be in cars in the near future anytime soon.

“Cars are not our primary interest,” Stevens said. “The automakers don’t want to buy them.”

The automobile industry is too interested in making money off of gasoline, not innovating and expanding. They want to continue what they are doing and are not interested in using any new technology any time soon persay, says analysts.

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