Twitter Ads Will Use Your Profile To Find Out If You Are An Introvert

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Twitter Ads Will Use Your Profile To Find Out If You Are An Introvert

“We need to go below behavioral analysis like Amazon does,” says Michelle Zhou, leader of the User Systems and Experience Research Group at IBM’s Almaden Research Center in California, which developed the software. “We want to use social media to derive information about an individual — what is the overall affect of this person? How resilient is this person emotionally? People with different personalities want something different.”

The time is here that ad intelligence just got kicked up a notch. Twitter ads will begin to start using information in your profile to determine the type of person you are, specifically if you are an introvert.

“Studies show people that are extroverted want a reward and recognition, like 10,000 [frequent flyer] points,” she says. “Conscientious people want efficiency, to know their new flight right away.” In a call center scenario, a customer’s personality profile might advise a customer service agent whether to efficiently provide “just the facts” or to try to be more engaging and supportive, says Zhou.

This is a great marketing tactic to use and gives data beyond just demographics data to really laser target users. Personality type ads an element that traditionally is really hard for marketing to access.

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