The Growing Importance Of Push Notifications

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The Growing Importance Of Push Notifications

Since the beginning of iPhone there has been push notifications.

Now every device more or less has push notifications.

According to a recent study, an app that doesn’t utilize push notifications properly is doomed to fail. The statistics are outrageous. It’s getting clearer and clearer, if you don’t have push notifications, you can’t properly market your app.

There are always exceptions, but there is also the phrase “don’t reinvent the wheel”.

The problem is, over time, users begin to disregard push alerts and notifications. That’s because we become blind to them. It’s like an ad on Facebook or Google, most people are “blind” to them, because they see the same thing day in and day out.

Ad blindness and in this case push notification blindness is a serious problem for companies. This leaves them having to constantly find new ways to get our attention in innovated, cool ways that don’t annoy us.


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