Tesla Goes for Mass Appeal with $35,000 Car

tesla side cameras

Tesla has just announced that they are launching a new $35,000 model in order to cater to a wider demographic.

CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk has confirmed that the company will be releasing a more cost efficient version of their all electric vehicles.

Currently, the luxury car company offers vehicles in the $70,000 and up range with some vehicles costing well over six-figures.

Dubbed The Model 3, Tesla is now catering to a wider demographic by releasing a car that is expected to retail for around $35,000.

At present, the average priced car in the US is $31,000, which puts the Model 3 in a fairly comfortable range.

Model 3 is expected to be a no-frills, electric car that can travel around 200 miles in a single charge.

The move comes as other luxury car companies such as BMW and Lexus begin rolling out all-electric vehicles at a comparable price range.

In fact,  BMW have just announced that they are launching all-electric vehicles that will begin around the $35,000 mark.

The main issue with electric vehicles is that they take a long time to charge, however, Tesla is definitely leading the way when it comes to revolutionizing this technology.

Just a few months ago, the company announced that they were in the process of putting more electric charging stations near businesses and that they were opening the stations to all makers of electric vehicles.

A prototype of the Model 3 is expected to be launched in 2016 and will be available to the public as early as 2017.

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