Microsoft to Create Budget Friendly $99 Tablet


A lot of changes are expected to be announced at Microsoft this week as the company finalizes their merger with Nokia and hints at a new range of tablets. 

Microsoft has struggled to maintain popularity in the smart market and part of new CEO, Satya Nadella’s strategy in revamping the company is to create a line of affordable devices.

COO, Kevin Turner announced that the company was looking to create low-priced alternatives for buyers who cant justify paying over $100 for a tablet.

While no exact details have been announced, it seems that the company will be looking to create a tablet for around $99.

Microsoft is not the first company to come out with a budget friendly tablet however, they will be one of the first big companies to create a tablet for under $100.

The move is a clever one by Nadella, as Microsoft still remains popular in third world countries. Nokia’s biggest demographic to date is also India, so working on their current market is definitely a safe move.

While no further details have been announced, earlier last week Nadella hinted that layoffs and a complete overhaul of the company was in the process.

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