StarChase Helps Police Chase Bad Guys

starchase police use gps

StarChase Helps Police Chase Bad Guys

StarChase has developed a new device that allows police to shoot a GPS at a vehicle they are pursuing to help track it.

The theory behind it is that it’s dangerous and expensive to just follow a car around. If police had better intelligence that they could use to “follow” a vehicle remotely it would allow them to be more efficient.

Here’s a quote from a police officer that has used StarChase:

We’ve had cases where there’s been felony pursuits in progress and they’ll actually use StarChase to help slow things down a little bit, because they’ll be able to tag the felony vehicle and use different tactics.

When the criminals get more high tech and advanced in their methods of running from the police, the police need to fight back. This could be the first of many interesting new development to help law enforcement help stop criminals.

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