Spritz Allows you to Speed Read Up to 600wpm


Can you imagine reading 600 word per minute? 5 books in a day? 10 emails in one minute? Well with Spritz, all of this may be possible.

Spritz is a new speed-reading app that allows users to read up to 600 words per minute.

The concept behind the software is that moving your eyes across the page when reading takes the most time, but if you see the word flashed in the same position, you are able to read much faster.

Spritz also focuses on key letters within each word, highlighting them red to ensure their meaning is retained. This is called “Optimal Recognition Point” or ORP.

The average person reads about 250 words per minute when they have to move their eyes across the page, but keeping the words in one spot allows readers to reach speeds of up to 600 word per minute.

“When reading, only around 20% of your time is spent processing content,” the creators explain. “The remaining 80% is spent physically moving your eyes from word to word and scanning for the next ORP. With Spritz we help you get all that time back.”

Spritz would be most beneficial to those who need to read numerous emails, scripts, books or documents however Greg Tyndall, head of a speed reading company states, “I think it could be incredible for people who need to speed-read documents quickly, but it doesn’t give you techniques you can use offline at all – and sometimes we do still need to read a hard copy.”

The Boston based company is yet to reveal a launch date but they have a website where people can test out the software and a sample is available for Android users to download.

Spritz is apparently also working with digital book companies and publishers but have not released any further information.


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