Eric Schmidt is “Pretty Sure” Your Google Data is Safe


Executive chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt has stated that he is “pretty sure” that users data is safe from the prying eyes of the NSA.

Since documents were leaked showcasing just how much access the NSA has to personal information online, Google has updated its encryption process and joined other tech companies in demanding for more transparency when it comes to online data collection.

At a panel discussion, Schmidt claimed that once something is up online it’s very hard for it to be removed or go away.

“Information is powerful,” claimed Schmidt. “It can be used and misused and you have to respect that.”

He also stated that Google’s data was attacked by the Chinese in 2010 and the NSA in 2013 however now, Schmidt is confident that your data is safe.

“We are pretty sure the information that is inside of Google┬áright now is safe from prying eyes, especially the government,” Schmidt said. “We think your data is very safe.”


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