Snapchat Offers Text and Video Chat Feature


Snapchat, a messaging service famous for combusting messages a few seconds after they are viewed are adding a new chat feature.

Snapchat has decided to go against the grain of their business model by offering users the chance to engage in real-time conversation that is not automatically deleted after just a few seconds.

Users of the app will now be able to chat with friends either through text or video by swiping right on the friends name. After the chat has closed however, all messages will be deleted: Snapchat style.

Want to preserve your messages? Users will be able to take a screenshot and then save the image in their phone.

The move by Snapchat is in order to increase engagement, which is a highly desirable trait for advertisers, as well as to expand their user base. Currently Snapchat has an estimated 26 million users.

Messaging apps are becoming extremely lucrative for the tech industry and many big companies are looking to buy in to them.

Facebook tried to acquire Snapchat for $3 billion but ended up purchasing WhatsApp instead for a total of $19 billion. This hefty price tag has definitely increased the value for all instant messaging apps.

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