Google Glass Components Valued at Only $80


A tech team have taken apart Google Glass piece by piece and found that the price of the pieces only reached $80- so what of the $1,500 price tag?

Google Glass retails for $1,500 and is currently only available to a select few members of the public.

While Google does have plans to release Glass to the public sometime later this year, a lot of questions have remained on the price. Does Google really expect to make sales with such a high price tag?

A team of tech gurus from TechInsight got their hands on a pair of Google specs and ripped them apart, piece by piece, only to find that the sum of all pieces totalled no more than $79.98.

The report went viral, but Google denied these pricing claims stating, “the estimate is wrong. The Glass Explorer Edition costs significantly more to produce.”

Of course, the estimate does not take into account research and development costs but it seems that the $1,500 price tag is still largely uncalled for.


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