SmartDot Working to Charge Your Phone in Just 30 Seconds

storedot phone charger

StoreDot, an Israeli based start-up is developing a technology that can charge your smartphone in just 30 seconds.

StoreDot unveiled it’s battery charging prototype at Microsofts Think Next Conference which was held in Tel Aviv. They demonstrated that their technology can be used to fully charge a Samsung Galaxy S4 within 30 seconds.

It does this by using semiconductors built from peptides which when linked together to form a protein can help charge batteries quickly and effectively.

Fast battery charging has become a popular trend in the start-up community, with many companies aiming to produce wireless and fast phone charging devices.

While StoreDot is not focussing on wireless charging, they are trying to create a product that can charge your phone quickly.

Currently, their device can only work on Samsung handsets but StoreDot is hoping to expand out to other phone companies. They are also hoping to streamline their charger which is currently about as large as  a laptop.

StoreDot aims to release their product by 2016 as it is still a long way off from being consumer ready.

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