Smart Power Strip Remotely Controls Your Appliances

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Smart Power Strip Remotely Controls Your Appliances

A new Kickstarter aims to bring us a way to control our appliances via the iPhone through a power strip that’s controlled through an App.

The app will allow people to control, manage and automate a room.

According to the Kickstarter campaign:

Get Notified when your appliance is turned on/off.

Set rules to get notified when appliance remains on.
You will also know when someone is using your computer or other devices, and you can turn the devices off remotely. Or, you can use it in a Parental Control way, knowing your kids have turned on the TV and game console during finals weeks, and turn them off remotely from your office.
Perhaps in the most interesting of features are the notifications via iPhone push notification that will let you know when something is turned on or off. The question really at this point is how practical of a use will this actually be.

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